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This article explains about divorce records Rhode Island. By searching the divorce records for Rhode Island, you can verify if the person in question is legally divorced or not. You will also get information about when and where the filings were made, names of the parties involved, and case numbers if available. Of course, results are provided only if a divorce actually took place, and even then success is not guaranteed. If a divorce actually is found, you should also search more for some documentation from the same file. Check for any reports indicating domestic violence, child custody, restraining orders or property issues. Both state and county have their own divorce records so you can check at both levels. There are states which have state repositories containing every single stored in the state at the county level. Other states have don't have a central record repository for divorce records, hence you must check at the local county courthouse where the divorce was filed and granted. The standard turnaround time is typically between 2 to 9 business days, but it could take more as some states and counties are not fully computerized, have limited personnel and they don't process online orders. They accept only regular mail applications and this can really slow down the entire process for an entire month.

What you must remember is that the more information you provide, the more detailed results you will get regarding divorce records or license plate lookup in Rhode Island. Generally, you don't need a lot of information to start a search. You can do it just by using full name and birth date. or Last known address. However, additional info such as the date of divorce can speed up the process a lot.


As stated on the website of the National Center for Health Statistics (http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/), the state office keeps birth and marriage records for 100 years and keeps death records for 50 years. For earlier records, write to the city/town clerk where the event occurred or to the Rhode Island State Archives, 337 Westminster Street, Providence, RI 02903. Additional copies of the same record ordered at the same time are $15.00 each.

The Rhode Island Department of Health, Division of Vital Records, requires all applicants to present an acceptable picture identification in order to obtain a certified copy of marriage record. An acceptable picture identification is defined as one issued by a governmental organization. You must also provide the name on the marriage record (Full name of groom, Full name of bride), your relation to the couple and why do you need it.

It's not unusual to be in a situation where you need to look up license plates. There are lot of websites at which you can lookup telephone number. There are several legitimate websites on the Internet that allow you to conduct a license plate search, but there is a fee for registering and it varies from $30 to as much as $200 depending on the options. A criminal search reveasl information about the criminal background of a given individual.

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